Solo Design Projects

Wormsign – Strategy System

1 week solo design

Rapid system prototyping project

Somewhat inspired by Frank Herbert’s Dune, I created this system experiment over the course of one week with the following intent:

By giving the player information with a heat-map style readout of where resources are, I will create a system that allows players to be well-informed as they balance risk vs. reward when deciding where and when to mine for resources in an area guarded by dangerous creatures.

I designed the two-mine system so that each one would increase its extraction exponentially rate over time. This is to encourage the player to leave them in place for as long as possible. However, because the mines only detect nearby dangers on the mini-map, the player has to be careful not to leave them unattended. This combination of systems is intended to create tension and strategic decision-making. I believe it was successful for the most part, but had room for some improvement in how it makes players adapt their strategy after learning how the monsters behave.

If interested, you can read my detailed documentation on this system experiment here.

Download Here