Rolling Thunder

Platform: PC

Engine: Unity

January – April 2018

Team Size: 7

Role: Lead Designer, Gameplay Programmer

Rolling Thunder is a racing-mayhem game for two to four players about speeding downhill in office chairs. I designed this game to be a chaotic obstacle course where the players have only minimal control of their chair’s direction, and have to find the safest way to the end of the course. The controls are simple enough that players feel in-control of where they’re going, but also control is also limited enough that new player can have as much fun crashing down the hill as experienced players.

This project was a valuable experience of working alongside a multi-discipline team to realize a game design over a few-month period. We took this project to Pax East to represent the college alongside a couple other teams from Champlain, and we saw on the show floor that the intent of creating an enjoyably chaotic game that anyone could pick up and play was quite successful.

Download here! (Note: controller(s) required to play properly)