Game Production Projects


September – November 2018 (Production resuming with expanded team in late January)

Team Size: 4 (1st semester pre-production)

Role: Lead Designer, Gameplay Programmer

Arachnotron is a fast-paced wall-climbing third-person shooter with a focus on three-dimensional action. Starting with the idea of a game about a spider-tank, I worked with an artist, engineer, and producer to create what’s shown here in just under 3 months. I worked with the engineer on the team to create the wall-climbing system that lets the player traverse any surface smoothly, as well as designing and constructing the level & the boss battle at its conclusion.

I’ve spent most of my time so far on this project refining the wall-climbing movement system, making the procedural leg-animation system using the inverse kinematics system the engineer & artist on the team set up, and pursuing an ongoing quest to figure out how to design a level that plays well when the player can traverse any surface, and see things from almost any angle. (I’m very glad we’re bringing on another level designer or two for the second semester).

This project was one of the ones chosen to go forward to a second semester of production, so I now find myself in the position of lead designer on the project. I look forward to updating this page later on, to reflect what I learn in that position and to show what the game becomes with an expanded team and a few more months of work!

You can download the final version from the first semester here.

Rolling Thunder

January – April 2018

Team Size: 7

Role: Lead Designer

Rolling Thunder is a racing-mayhem game for two to four players about speeding downhill in office chairs. I designed this game to be a somewhat chaotic obstacle course where the players have only minimal control of their chair’s direction, and have to find the safest way to the end of the course. The controls are simple enough that players feel in-control of where they’re going, but also control is also limited enough that new player can have as much fun crashing down the hill as experienced players.

Download here!