Arachnotron Post-Mortem Part 5: General Retrospective

This project could have benefited from much more (and better) planning, and management throughout. I don’t think we realized how much of a cool, unique thing we were making until toward the end of the project, and needless to say that led to a lot of unexpected complications throughout the project. Most of the first half of this second semester ended up as wasted work, but we pulled through toward the end.

All in all, I couldn’t have asked for a better final student project. It may not have been as successful as we’d wanted in terms of content quality and quantity, but it was an incredible learning experience, and damn fun to work on on top of that. We had to cut down a lot of the ideas we had, so I’d love to get the chance to try making Arachnotron again from the ground up with everything we’ve learned. I’m impressed by the quantity, diversity, and quality of work the team and I got to do on this project, and I know I’ll remember this project fondly for the rest of my life. Here’s to a long and successful career in game development for everyone involved!



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