Arachnotron Development Blog #3

I think we’re finally getting back into the rhythm of it this week. Production is coming along well on the train heist level, with the other two designers finally getting more comfortable with the level-building tools we have. I’ve been focused on re-designing the first level, so that we can have that polished for any student game competitions we might have the chance to go to. Helping to manage a team this large has been a challenge for us though, since none of us have experience keeping things organized with this big of a group.

The combat system I’d put together last semester was somewhat disorganized, so I’m glad Cory’s been doing so much to re-organize it. However, he’s accidentally broken a lot of it in the process. I’m going to work with him and lead programmer Nick to get that all re-built in a way that works, and hopefully make it more designer-friendly. I want to be able to go in and adjust almost every little thing about the combat system, so I’m going to help make the system more modular and make sure it’s set up with all the adjustments and changes I can foresee wanting to make later on.

It’s still hard to know how well we’ll be able to meet our originally planned scope, but I’m leaning in a quality over quantity direction. I’m ready to cut some of the planned features I don’t think add as much to the game to make room for the stuff we do have to shine, but I still think I may not have to. I think next week will give me a better sense of where the team is at in terms of pace and organization.

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